Dating service accdb

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Also [1]: The simplest solution for now would be to download the database through access, but first, I don't know how to do this programatically.

Second, when extending my application I might need to update Database as well. When I use Access to publish a simple table to Sharepoint [2], afaik I can read and write it through Sharepoints SOAP API provided by .../_vti_bin/[3].

You can then easily go back to this zipped version if the conversion fails, or if you need to revert back to the “ PROD” version in future.

If your Access application displays a menu or if it runs a process automatically when you start it, you may need to avoid this by holding down the “ Shift” key while clicking on the shortcut.

BREP is a separate Banner database that replaces the PROD instance for the purpose of running ODBC-based queries.

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I’m going to tell you how to use Minitab Statistical Software to automatically generate a report based on information retrieved from an external data source.

This will prevent any automatic features from running so that the navigation window on the left becomes “visible”.

(Also note that Access may be minimised when started in this way, so it might look like it has not opened – so do remember to check the taskbar! [2] This will open a dialogue box with a list of all linked tables and their current “parent” DSNs (Data Source Names) shown next to them in brackets.

This document explains how to re-direct the ODBC links in an existing MS Access application to the Banner BREP database. A quick and easy way to do this is simply to right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and select “ Send to …” then “ Compressed (zipped) folder”.

(You might also want to rename the zip-file to clarify that it is the “old” PROD version).

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