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I have to admit upfront that e Harmony is far better than any of the free dating sites I’ve tried over the years. If you take a good hour of your time to answer the questionnaire they require you fill out, honestly (based on who you really are, as opposed to how you’d like to be perceived by others) I did find that I was being matched with people who at the very least, want the same things from a relationship as I do, and have similar interests. I recently accepted the dare of a couple married coworkers over lunch, and joined E-Harmony.

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A few days before my 31st birthday I received an email from a handsome lad I met in a meeting just a few days prior, asking if I’d be up for checking out a hockey game with him in Montreal.To give you some context, The relationship doesn’t look exactly like I always thought it would.For starters, he’s a few years my junior, and has two young children- if we would have met online I probably would have swiped left, based on these two characteristics alone. Which brings me to Jane’s lessons learned #1- Many of the things you think are important will not actually matter, when you meet the right person.Read more of this post I’ve been debating sharing this story for a couple weeks now.For several reasons, I can’t go into great detail here, but the long and short of it- I had sexual relations with an older man…

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