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Once at the office, he convinced building security to let him in, grabbed the computer, left his bike behind and hitched a ride on one of the few remaining evacuation buses.Hours later, at his boss's apartment on the Upper East Side, Kreyling and his boss finished the update and shipped the patch. And Kreyling started to realize he was spending too much time on work, and needed a creative outlet of his own. In 2010, he moved from Maryland to New York City to take the job at Muse Games. While his background was in programming, he found himself doing a lot more than that.At the southern tip of Manhattan in Battery Park, the surge was almost 14 feet high.At the time, Kreyling worked at Muse Games, located next to Battery Park.

Kreyling became interested in the genre after a friend recommended he play writer and developer Christine Love's .And luckily for Kreyling, she was looking to change jobs after completing work on an animated feature film.So Woods became Date Nighto's first employee, besides Kreyling.One week the user interface would need improvement and redesign; then another server administration would need better tools; then another voice chat would need to be integrated.This sort of thing isn't uncommon at a small studio, but Kreyling took on so much that his friends and roommates became increasingly concerned with his work habits — and with the toll they were taking on him.

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