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The other e-mail account used for my daily life gets hardly any of that spam. However, since your husband had an issue with it in the past, I'd do some snooping. I have to disagree with those convinced he has to be on dating sites to get the spam. However, in my career I worked at an anti-spam email company for awhile.We can’t control other’s behavior and I would look at it that if they didn’t respond they probably are not the type of guy who shares your beliefs on how to treat others anyway. They are the ones loosing out on someone who has manners and courtesy–which are rare commodities in this day and age where we live in a culture of “me, me, everything is about me.” I know it is easier said than done but don’t take it personally.These are “men” who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to at the very least show a lady some courtesy. Do you have any similar experiences you would like to share? Do you still believe a man has to initiate an email to a woman in today’s digital dating landscape? by Jake Vandenhoff Guys are always trying to come up with the "perfect email" to send to women on dating sites.All you’re doing is letting the guy know you’re open to starting a conversation to see where it goes. Sundays are one of the busiest days for men to log into their online dating profiles.Once he has the cue, it’s up to him to move the conversation forward and ask you out on a date. Why not ramp it up and write to 10 men this Sunday?

It is rude–to not respond to an inquiry or the fact someone showed interest in you is very selfish and rude.

I should say that I am a 61-year-old woman, though a very young 61-year-old!

Often when I contact a man whose profile I like, he doesn’t even bother to answer.

If you are cruising the net in an innocent manner, then you wont get those things. I get all kinds of strange spam from f*#kbook, singles, viagra, penis enlargement.... Anyway, I'm all over the internet and have never trolled dating or hook up sites, but still get tons of this stuff.

As an online dating expert and coach, one of the questions I get asked frequently from women is if they should initiate contact with men online or just let the men take the initiative.

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