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Angel was willing to go through with these repercussions because if this could not be a solution to his dysphoria, he would have committed suicide.

From then on, Angel’s doctor began prescribing him test dosages of testosterone throughout a six-month period until a value solidified to fit his needs.

Angel appeared in Naked, a 2008 documentary book and film about the adult film industry, by director Ed Powers.

In the film he appears in a sex scene with porn star Wolf Hudson, produced by mainstream photographer Justin Lubin.

By this time he identified and presented as male, but had not had any genital surgery and still had a vulva, so he promoted these works describing himself as "The Man With a Pussy".

In 2005, he appeared in the Titan Media release Cirque Noir, becoming the first trans man to be featured in an all-male film produced by a company specializing in gay male porn.

Angel gradually concluded that he did not need a penis because it is not what defined him as a man.

He learned to love his body and came to be satisfied with what he was given.

Our sites contain the largest database, the fastest website, & the most active members from any personals service on the net.The numerous psychiatric therapy that followed his fall eventually brought him back into society after encountering the first therapist, out of many, that stated he was a man.This concurrence was one of the first discussions that didn’t ostracize and generalize him as being a “gay woman.” Rather, he was embraced by his therapist which shared the same view point of him identifying as a male.This was because Angel was one of the earliest—but more modern—cases of female to male patients as there was limited data on prior cases like his.He was, as his doctor stated, “going to be my guinea pig,” where experimentation was the main course of action in assisting him.

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