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They also had cist burials in stone lined pits, tumulaus burials and barrows.

Waterford has identified two hill forts and over twenty promontory forts.

History suggests that in 819 Vikings raided the Wexford area and later built a trading post.

Twenty years later they rowed up River Slaney and attacked the monastery at Ferns.

In 1607 the Norman Earls, with their loyal Irish followers, fled to safety in the Catholic country of France.

Such repression eventually led to rebellion by the native Irish in Wexford in May 1798, a rebellion that eventually led to Irish independence for 26 of the 32 Ireland counties in 1922.Wexford located in south-east Ireland south of Dublin and about 60 miles across the sea from Wales.From archeological excavations we know that prehistoric man arrived at Wexford at the end of the last ice age about 7000 BC.King Boru and one of his sons and Chief Mor O'Kelly were both killed in the battle, but they drove the Vikings into the sea and burned their boats.After the battle the Vikings stayed in Dublin strictly as traders whose raiding days were forever over.

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