Dating snaps on dresses

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(70s pointed collar lapels, via Vintage Patterns Wiki) Some other collar types that were fashionable at the time were Peter Pan, collars with long ties attached that could be tied into a bow (known as a Pussy Bow), and Mandarin.

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Blended fabrics became more common during this time, often using different percentages of cotton and polyester blended together.

) Sportswear grew drastically in popularity during this time for both men and women.

Two piece suits, or leisure suits, consisting of matching tops and bottoms were very popular, as were one-piece jumpsuits. In no other decade has the bellbottom been as popular as it was during the 1970s. Toward the end of the decade, the shape of these pants started to become more narrow, eventually becoming more straight legged than flared.

(Bell bottom pants and a women’s pantsuit, via Miss Chloe Young) Maxi dresses were all the rage and could be seen ranging from slim-fitting to wide and flowy.

Dress styles ranged from lacy and ruffled peasant looks to form-fitting sleek silhouettes.

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