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Don’t go complaing about all things Thai, or she won’t understand why you chose to live here.Don’t dress like you stay along Khao Sarn Road, she wants to feel proud of you.Don’t tell her about any naughty past adventures in Pattaya, or she’ll worry that you will be getting up to some more naughty tricks again soon.

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Do be clean and dress neatly, she wants you to smell and look nice.

Do realise that to get into a serious relationship with a Thai means getting into a serious relationship with the whole of her family, she wants them to love you too.

Do realise that date with you is a serious thing for her.

If you show a woman you make an effort to look good, then that shows her you’ll make an effort in the relationship. Make sure you’re always courteous and polite on your date, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Buy your Thai date a small but thoughtful gift, which she will definitely appreciate.

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