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I can understand how you feel about the Chinese ones as I've handled their Makarovs and they are no where near as good as Ruskies, Bulgarians, or EGs. But with your huge population and Communist rule that makes it difficult to come out with a quality product. We do have our problems but it's way cool here compared to most of the world. They fit in the pile of other surplus guns that are tough, no frills, reliable and combat accurate.

Just to expensive on hand and the rulers really don't want to many guns in citizens hands there. I'd probably place it somewhere between the Mak and the CZ52 or the CZ82.

Once I had the pistol in hand, I tried to look up what information I could find on it. Even going through gunmark books and websites, I really wasn’t able to determine what most of the stampings mean.

I’ll post what I’ve read on the internet and in books, but there really isn’t much.

The Chinese made versions use bad steel compared to Russia and it sucks even more.

This is a pathetic little gun and I would recommend it to no one. So, how much do you want for the one you own that you shot for your review? My Polish, Romanian, and Yugo M57 versions are all great pistols. I believe that no actual East Bloc issue TT33 or other Tokarev variant had a manual safety.

With the Yugo M57, the ‘standard’ Tok mags won’t fit, since the grip frame was lengthened to accommodate the 9 round magazine.

Plus there was a day when you could get 1260 rounds of ammo for 6 for delivery to the front door.

Hopefully, the OP won't take it too hard that we disagree with his opinion.

Most of these pistols are in very rough condition but are valuable because of their rarity. I love shooting the Tokarev round out of my CZ 52, and while it barks, I find the recoil to be mild. It looked as if it had spent some time in a rice paddy, and it was mismatched serial numbers between frame and slide. It's able to easily hit bulls eyes at 25 yards, easily able to hold tight groups, easily able to be shot quickly.

Yes, the trigger, sights, and ergonomics are not very good, but the gun is incredibly fun to shoot. Maybe the physical fact that I am 6'1" and 210 pounds with large hands makes the gun fit me well and point like an extension of my arm.

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