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Students choose self-paced classes because of relevance to employment, ability to adjust scheduling, and the flexible learning environment.

While some may be concerned about the quality of learning in self-paced classes, other research argues that different formats of learning can each produce positive outcomes in terms of impact on learning.

Additional research could benefit course design and student support to promote higher rates of completion in self-paced courses.

learner behavior, online learning performance, self-paced, student completion, assignment sequence, distance education, online learning, learner control, user-driven sequence, sequential movement Self-paced classes have been a staple of distance education since the early days of print based correspondence courses.

Learner control and self-direction within online self-paced courses should be included in course design to increase the likelihood of learner successful completion.This research was supported entirely by the Intramural Research Program of the NIH, National Institute on Aging. Andrews University United States Janine Lim is Associate Dean for Higher Education in the School of Distance Education at Andrews University.In contrast, type 2 diabetes has been associated with low SES, mediated by high body mass index [62].Unlike autism, the positive correlation of SES with autoimmunity is frequently attributed to biological etiological factors rather than differential diagnosis of disease in the context of access to health care resources.

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