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The Basketmaker II Cave 7 assemblage was first discovered in the late 19th century.This first excavation found over 100 burials, many of which showed blunt force trauma.A powerful stand-alone assessment, and a pre-requisite for all coaching programs.This intro level program is perfect for those who want more out of their life & relationships, but don’t know how to get there.

Comparison of individuals with clear trauma showed that the radiocarbon means were at least two generations apart, and there was no overlap in standard deviation.

In addition to the radiocarbon analysis, Coltrain et al.

(2012) re-examined the trauma patterns that were identified by Hurst and Turner (1993). (2012) argue that 7 individuals identified as having peri-mortem trauma is questionable, making the percentage of trauma drop from 48% of the population to only 21%.

Read each of the following questions very carefully and pick the response that best describes you.

Don’t spend too much time on each question -- it’s best to follow your first reaction and you should respond quickly and honestly.

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