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, Marvel’s newest version of Spider-man has been rebooted and it is amazing! Yes, they killed Peter Parker’s Soul.…Or so we thought.

The new story follows “Peter Parker” as he performs his daily duties as New York’s web slinging crime fighter and member of the Avengers. Turns out the memories that Otto has kept while in the body of Spider-man has taken over, like a conscience for Otto to battle with internally.

The Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled municipal corporations report to the Centre and do not come under the city government.

However, they receive a part of their funds from the Centre and Delhi government.

Taking a serious note of the situation that has also occurred earlier leading to roads being strewn with garbage, the Delhi high court issued notice to the central and the Delhi governments, and the civic bodies.

About 20 unions of the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi, which include doctors, engineers, gardeners, sanitation workers and others, staged a demonstration at Jantar Mantar protest site in the heart of the capital.

Despite these challenges the series won Annie Award, an Image Award and a NAACP Image Award.

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Adding insult to injury, Marvel was going through bankruptcy at the same time.

This contention is brought to light by the elements of dating Mary Jane, fighting the Vulture, contemplating whether or not to use a gun to dispose of an enemy for good, and helping out The Avengers.

Issues 1-6 have been great but Issue 6 (Age of Ultron) and Issue 7 are where the real fun begins.

Non-payment of salaries of the MCD employees has brought the AAP government and the BJP-controlled civic bodies at loggerheads with the latter accusing the former of deliberately withholding funds.

According to a civic official, it takes around Rs.500 crore to pay the salaries of all the employees of the three civic bodies.

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