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Note: When writing this article, we assumed previous reader knowledge of canvas basics such as how get a 2D canvas context, load images, etc., which is all explained in the Canvas API tutorial, as well as the basic information included in our Tilemaps introduction article.

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You can take a look at a live demo, and see its source code.

UK GPS site Co-ordinates for all UK Motorways Walk GPS - This site provides descriptions, maps, waypoints and routes for several single-day bushwalks within a distance of less than 100km from the city of Perth in Western Australia.

Baja Sat Explorer Satellite Remote Sensing exploration for mining and mapping.- MEXICO Ozi Explorerin suomalaisesta versiosta on tehty helppoja, vaiheittain etenevi ohjekirjoja.

When building a theme, links of feature types with tables which are not relevant for the present theme can be excluded.

"Support material on the site includes pages on GPS and map basics, an introduction to Ozi Explorer and a discussion of the use of KMZ and GPX files with Google Earth and handheld GPS devices.

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