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A deer caught in the headlights to only bolt at the last second- which happened a few too many times- until my date on a train with a guy named Dave.The only reason this even happened was because I never thought that the people I would meet during this ride were going to be anything significant. He’s educated, good-looking, has strong values, and he rides horses like a cowboy! But the relationship didn’t and couldn’t have worked. Yet, I couldn’t get past the fact that someone that awesome would like me, and thought I need to seize this opportunity the best I could.Second, was that I dealt with a lot of issues from the men I dated.Issues that weren’t mine to deal with, and so boundaries were often fuzzy.The second draft was an attempt to be comical because of the plethora of ridiculous experiences I have had. Noticing the difference between what I attempted to write and the actual tone of the writing allowed me to step back and evaluate.

He made his interest known and I went a little crazy. I was living in Winnipeg at the time, a place where (unlike Vancouver or Victoria) men actually ask random girls out on dates. Almost every weekend I was on a new date with a new guy.

We had already started going to family functions only after two weeks of dating.

This brought up the conversation of how to define the relationship, which we did very differently. So I moved on the contingency that if it went well long distance I would move back to date him – of course, unrealistically romantic.

There was something comforting about knowing it wasn’t going to last with him.

I finished things when it got a little too drama-filled.

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