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The output gave a line it was crashing on, which showed it was missing the first character in that row which was a curly Seems to the exact error, only difference is i am not using the file input Any chance this could be a concurrency issue? Server Socket Adaptor.bind(sun/nio/ch/Server Socket Nio Server Socket Bind(io/netty/channel/socket/nio/Nio Server Socket

You never know when those pants will come off and you don’t want her having to search through a thicket of fur to get some skin to skin contact!Nio Event Event io.concurrent. Single Thread Event Thread Event io.concurrent.Default Thread Factory$Default Runnable Thread Note: When performing an integrated audit of financial statements and internal control over financial reporting, the auditor's reports on the company's financial statements and on internal control over financial reporting should be dated the same date.Note: If the auditor concludes that a scope limitation will prevent the auditor from obtaining the reasonable assurance necessary to express an opinion on the financial statements, then the auditor's report date is the date that the auditor has obtained sufficient appropriate evidence to support the representations in the auditor's report.

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