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In fact, it works especially well on hotter women (8’s, 9’s and 10’s) -- and even better if you’re the kind of guy who’s failed with other methods in the past.

Watch it now before Josh takes it down: continue reading..

omg one friend said look at the size him how ruff is he ..within 10 min my friends are always hooked on the pub why as there has never been a fight . Intimadating is what my friends have though first .

then they fall in love with the people the place i tell them never judge a book buy the cover . Back in those days we all used to go to a little club called the Troubadour in Port Talbot.

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Great to see all these subcultures still exist to an extent.He was still a Mod when he died 25 yrs ago and about 100 scooters joined the funeral procession.I still smile when I see scooters with all the mirrors on like the one he had.You had to, as mod fashion on the high street (circa 1980) catered mainly for boys.We did laugh though when I came back from a jumble sale with a top I was thrilled with - only to discover she'd given it to the jumble!

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