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How we regard the sins of the fathers is shown to be an inescapably personal matter in “What Our Fathers Did,” director David Evans and writer Philippe Sands’ study of denial, wartime responsibility and the challenge of dealing with a monster in the family.The monsters in question are two long-dead, once high-ranking Nazi Party officials whose sons have chosen to respond to their horrific legacy in dramatically different ways; one of them, unable to accept the depth of his father’s complicity, gives the film its painfully insistent central thrust.They eventually became one of the most successful acts in popular music, with albums such as 1987's The Joshua Tree and 1991's Achtung Baby.Over the years, the Edge has experimented with various guitar effects and introduced influences from several genres of music into his own style, including American roots music, industrial music, and alternative rock.Simply structured and narrowly focused, yet replete with unsettling and resonant questions about the difficulty of seeing our loved ones for who they truly are, this troubling, absorbing documentary (now in Stateside theatrical release) offers a sufficiently provocative angle to stand out in the crowded field of Holocaust memorials on screen.“Imagine what it must be like to grow up the child of a mass murderer,” the film begins, before introducing two men — both born in the fateful year of 1939 — who allow us to do more than just imagine.In the second, the three men visit the burnt-out ruin of a Jewish synagogue in Zhovkva, Ukraine, followed by the third, in which they walk to the site where 3,500 Jews were murdered, including much of Sands’ family.The key impulse behind these moments — to force Horst von Wachter to face the enormity of his father’s crimes – can seem single-minded, even bludgeoning.

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Inspired by the ethos of punk rock and its basic arrangements, the group began to write its own material.Sands, a seasoned and eloquent interlocutor, is not above employing his rhetorical talents in a passionately confrontational manner; given his connection to the matter at hand, you can hardly blame him.Yet something extraordinary transpires in these moments before the camera, which weaves in and around the three men in long, unbroken takes, observing their exchanges and reactions with an almost unbearable intimacy.The second subject, Horst von Wachter, is not so willing to condemn his Austrian-born father, Otto von Wachter, an Austrian lawyer who served as governor of Krakow, Poland, and Galicia, Ukraine, at different points during WWII.Unlike Hans, to whom he was subordinate, Otto was never brought to justice before his death in 1949, a fact in which Horst takes refuge.

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