Dealing with intimidating managers

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Personal competence refers to the ability to understand your own feelings, strengths, and weaknesses (self awareness), and the ability to manage those feelings effectively (self management).

For example, being able to contain your anger and anxiety and thereby think clearly in upsetting situations is crucial to making good decisions and influencing others.

Their behaviour, like a rock thrown into a pond, can cause ripples distorting the organization’s culture and affecting people far beyond the point of impact.

Senior management and HR can significantly improve an organization’s culture and functioning by taking steps to find and contain those who are most destructive.

It will also help senior management and HR to recognize toxic managers before they do serious damage.

The basic theme of the article is that to deal effectively with toxic behavior you need to understand what lies underneath it, design an intervention to target those underlying factors, and have sufficient control of your own feelings and behaviour so that you can do what is most effective, rather than let your own anger or anxiety get the best of you.

Effective interventions depend upon what is driving the difficult behaviour, and not what appears on the surface.

Interventions that would lead to a positive change in a manager with one underlying personality type could intensify the problematic behaviour of someone with another personality type.

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The four types of toxic managers are described below as are ways for coping with, and even changing, their behaviour.In other words, you need to develop your emotional intelligence.There are two major components of emotional intelligence, personal competence and social competence.These managers can complicate your work, drain your energy, compromise your sanity, derail your projects and destroy your career.Your ability to deal with these corporate land mines will have a significant impact on your career.

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