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However, even though she is more powerful than Light as Kira, she is very careless in her acts as the Second Kira, which leads to her being arrested and put in confinement on suspicion that she is is the second Kira.

Although she is generally nice to those she meets, she can also be quite cruel: she tells Light that she would kill any other girls he dates, despite said girls being part of his plan to appear as a normal young man to the investigators and deflect suspicion from himself and Misa.

Misa Amane (弥 海砂, Amane Misa) is an up-and-coming model and supporter of Kira who eventually becomes the Second Kira.

After gaining a Death Note, she seeks out Kira in order to thank him for killing the man who murdered her family and to offer him her help.

Despite her typically cheerful personality, Misa has been mentally afflicted by seeing her parents murdered right before her eyes.

It is unclear how much the trauma has affected Misa psychologically, but in the films, Rem indicates that Misa went through a deep depression immediately after she discovered the murderer was acquitted of the crime.

Misa tends to wear cross jewelry, though the crosses were changed to "fleurs-de-lis" in the anime adaptations (most notably on the Misa finger puppet).

After the murderer is later killed by Kira, Misa is incredibly grateful, and her intense appreciation and hero-worship initially fuels her actions as the Second Kira.

After she becomes emotionally attached to Light, her behavior is strongly motivated by love.

Despite this, Misa is depicted with a cross in the first anime opening and in her model sheet image in the liner notes of the third anime soundtrack.

She also has a cross on the collector's figure included with volume 5 of the DVD sets.

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