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Although Mc Kinney found out that during a “break” in their eight-year relationship, Bobb dated another woman, she tells Radar Online he’s still “the love of my life.” The “biggest strain” on the couple is the harm the reality television show could do to Bobb’s career as a film and TV producer, she says, “He is about his business and with our relationship being put out there it kind of makes it a part of a circus that he really didn’t need to be a part of.” “This is something that he truly did out of love for me and because of that, that’s why I’m so very thankful for him,” Mc Kinney continues.

“But that’s also why I’ve tried my best to kind of do damage control as it pertains to him.” So what is the current status of her relationship with Roger Bobb?

cast member got engaged over the New Years holiday!

Following in Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell’s footsteps is none other than “Trade It All” singer Demetria Mc Kinney and her longtime boyfriend, producer Roger Bobb.

For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.

when Kandi Burruss’ friend, Gocha Hawkins, claimed to have dated Roger Bobb during a time he was supposedly attached to Demetria.

When a Twitter follower asked Demetria if she and Roger are still an item, the “100” singer And if that declaration wasn’t clear enough, Demetria also chimed in on Instagram sharing a photo of her and Roger walking together and holding hands.

Though their backs are to the camera, it’s clear that this power couple is stronger than ever. #RHOA.” When yet another one of Demetria’s followers weighed in on the Gocha situation noting that Kandi’s pal could have dropped her bombshell at a different time and not in front of a group of women, Demetria revealed that that was her “only issue” with how everything went down.

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Though Demetria didn’t seem too surprised when Gocha revealed she had also dated the mega-producer about two years ago, that little blip hasn’t had an impact on the current status of Demetria and Roger Bobb’s relationship.Demetria added “#unbreakable” to the loving snap and she captioned it, “#Still. However, if we’re playing devil’s advocate we must admit that there’s not much fun in revealing something like that if no one is around to hear it, right?! Roger Bobb’s gal also clarified an important fact that she didn’t really hit on during the episode. “And NO, we were NOT together at that time,” Demetria added. Are you surprised that Demetria and Roger are still together? And moreover, at the time, there were few if any photos of Roger with Demetria in public dating.Second, a woman comes forward tonight on RHOA and claims that she has been sleeping with Roger Bobb and dating him for many years. Demetria is left shocked when the woman claim that Roger dubbed Demetria only his client and not his girlfriend.

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