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Both models are equipped with the impressive newly re-engineered 6 ¾ liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which provides a top speed of 190 mph and effortlessly races from 0-60 in only 4.8 seconds.

The Mulsanne embraces both the driver and passengers and the driver in tranquility, as they share adventures in the Rocky Mountains.

The Mulsanne Speed produces a maximum torque 811 lb/ft second only to Bugatti Veyron.

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He was closer to rookie than veteran after spending the previous 18 games showing that he wasn’t just an established NFL player but perhaps was the best in the league. Granted, the questions weren’t great, but it wouldn’t have mattered if Woodward and Bernstein had been asking them: Cam seemed to have made up his mind he was going to act like a child in the postgame.He could have been in front of reporters for the same three minutes, but if he had given real answers, looked them in the eyes and didn’t act like it was the greatest burden of his life to be sitting there at that exact moment, he wouldn’t have the PR disaster that’s currently befalling him. The Panthers’ O-line couldn’t block, the receivers missed the balls that were on-target, fumbles rolled into the arms of Broncos and Denver’s D was so stifling it’s amazing Newton could even breathe out there.But when you make the game all about you in the two weeks (and full season, really) preceding the game, you’re the only one they’re going to look at when the whole thing implodes.And in that moment, Cam Newton, the most entertaining, garrulous and enjoyable player in the league, fell silent, a testament to his own immaturity and inexperience.The Monday morning stories should be about how Peyton Manning won his second Super Bowl, but once again, Cam Newton has managed to make himself the center of attention.

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