Derek and jess after love in the wild

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And if there wasn't then it was time to move on to the next person which I think you see a little bit of in the last couple of episodes. And you know, depending on how they do in the upcoming adventures would really determine the strengths and test the limits of those relationships.Question: Do you think that couples that have formed relationships on this show will survive when the show ends? Question: Can you both talk about what you expected ahead of going to Costa Rica and what it was really like when you guys arrived? Ahead of going to Costa Rica I mean we didn't even know that we'd be going to Costa Rica until just a few weeks before we started airing excuse me.

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And from you know, from a landing in Costa Rica it just kept being sort of an unknown after unknown.

Along with spending time with his wife and kids, Derek enjoys music, wildlife and hiking. in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, with a certificate in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. and is passionate about keeping the public, press and Conservancy's growing member base informed, excited and engaged in the Conservancy's mission, projects and successes.

Get in touch with him at: [email protected] DUNKELL, Conservation Director, rejoined the VHC staff in August, 2016 a Dashiell, who previously served as VHC's Development and Conservation Projects manager, now splits his time between managing VHC properties and working in the office. degree in Aquatic Biology with honors, and volunteered with the campus Wetlands Restoration Project. In Hawaii he worked on wetland science and restoration projects, and his research on impacts of feral pigs on water quality resulted in two published peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals. When not at work, Adrienne enjoys hiking, biking, cooking and spending time with her husband, three kids and Australian Shepherd, Sydney.

Question: Is there anything that you were surprised to learn about yourself from doing the show?

Jessica Debolt: For me I'm not sure how Mike Spiro feels about it, but I was just surprised at the whole experience of how much you learn about yourself when you don't have your friends and family to bounce information off of.

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