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Recently, Point Of No Return - a moderately popular film - has taken on a life of its own."The film star continued: "Other things like Friends, especially now it's broadcast everywhere in the world 24 hours a day and is available on Netflix."Suddenly very young viewers were seeing me for what I considered to be a very obscure appearance in a sitcom really about 18 years ago."Dermot laughed: "I'm being stopped in the street being called 'Gavin'.I didn't even know who Gavin was till I figured it out," before mentioning both My Best Friend's Wedding and The Wedding Date.The actor played Gavin Mitchell - Rachel Green's temporary replacement at Ralph Lauren - and dated Jennifer Aniston's alter ego over the course of three episodes back in 2003.Speaking exclusively to uk, the 53-year-old branded his part "obscure" before opening up about his latest role as Pure Genius' Dr. When asked what he gets most recognised for, Dermot commented: "It seems to go in cycles and things come back from the past.opens Friday, October 5th in New York and select cities. I think they’re really onto something with that movie. It’s scary how much he resembles Steve Jobs in those photos. Quella cosa chiamata amore (performer: "I Can't Understand", "Someone Else's Used Guitar", "Hey, Porter", "Ain't No Train Outta Nashville", "Streets of Love") / (writer: "Someone Else's Used Guitar") (On remaining friends with past co-stars) I do. It's kind of like going to summer camp where you get that close and then a lot of times you'll never see people again.And Hollywood was prepared to pay her lots and lots of money -- still is -- in the belief that the magic was simply relaxing, recharging.Now, she has to prove the sparks can fly at the ludicrously challenging age of of 30 -- birthday girl on October 28 -- with two films this summer. Hogan of 'Muriel's Wedding', co-star Dermot Mulroney and supporting cast, Rupert Everett and Cameron Diaz. ' I'm really psyched about "My Best Friend's Wedding".

It was her grin, her big-lipped celebration of her view of life, her trademark, which first enraptured audiences in 1990's 'Pretty Woman' and in the fantasy formula business it seemed an easy act to follow: keep on grinning.

She got away with it for a time because everyone was wild about Julia Roberts.

They paid to see the smile, to see her, as she says, happy.

The father-of-three admitted that had he played up to his "heartthrob" status when he was younger, he'd be a "richer man".

Asked what he though of the title, he went on: "I've had an interesting relationship with that term… I'm not sure it applies to me in this age bracket though."I think in all honesty I probably should have honoured it more and gone after being a heartthrob.

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