Devotions for dating or engaged couples

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Although it is biblically based, it doesn't reference many scripture passages as other books we've done in the past have.

We use this as a guide to bring up some insightful conversation topics.

Diligently go about making your marriage everything you and your spouse hoped for, and more!

Based on research of thousands of strong couples across the country, the twelve essential elements outlined are not only biblically based; they also chart a course for a romantic adventure that will last a lifetime.

Many of the passages use the AMP Bible translation, which I am not a huge fan of--but that's a personal preference.

Author and blogger Jackie Bledsoe outlines the seven stages, or seven rings of marriages, that will equip couples for all stages in marriage.

We love so much I gave my copy to another couple and ordering another for myself, this will be the third copy I'm buying.

However, what I missed is stronger scriptural support to guide the conversations which the devotional calls for.In addition, I have this feeling after reading the book that the author's intent is to "warn" people about marriage rather than to make them feel good about what is to come.Phrases such as "have you ever dealt with frustration? "In general, it conveys the message that communication is the base of a successful marriage relationship.My fiancé and I were interested in having a good reading material that would help us prepare for marriage.After searching online and in local bookstores, we decided to acquire this book (among others).

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