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If I said that I really liked, I would have recognized his defeat as a “strong man.” He said. I told you – I shrugged, afraid to tell him the truth. This is usually a situation that sees Sproles gain another ten yards minimum when he is matched up in the open field on a linebacker. But, had he put his arms out and wrapped up instead of folding them into his chest while targeting Cam’s waist he might have made the tackle.

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Completely stationary, ball out way before movement, arms folded in, leading with the crown of his helmet into Newton’s chin.

Regardless of Sproles perfectly timed spin move, which makes Davis miss in getting his head across the football...

thanks to Davis’ ability to square up, widen out his arms and use his momentum, he is able to wrap Sproles up, stopping him in his tracks.

The impact on the ball carrying arm causes a fumble, and the Panthers take over. Here, Davis is in an extremely disadvantageous position.

He is one-on-one with one of the most elusive players in the NFL, Darren Sproles.

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