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‘Soldier of Albania,’ by the Scottish engraver John Heaviside Clark, 1818.

Among the few things written on Albania, as far as I know, it is only the excellent work of Monsieur de Pouqueville that completely satisfies those endeavouring to learn all they want to know about this people and the country in which they live.

The perils facing any foreigner, in particular any European, travelling among the barbaric Albanians; the anarchy which continues to plague this country that barely recognises the authority of the sultan; the great difficulties caused by bad roads that are both dangerous and disagreeable and always pass through mountains and gorges; the lack of bridges over most of the rivers; the numerous bands of brigands; the tyranny and cruelty of the mass of beys who ravage the country from one end to the other; the natural inclination of most Albanians for plundering, violence, treachery and murder; the uncouthness, savagery and excessive filth of the whole nation; the difficulties caused by their repulsive, barbaric idiom which cannot be routinely learned because it has no alphabet; the lack of industry and the resulting poverty offering few opportunities for commerce – such are the reasons that have caused most curious individuals and merchants to keep their distance.

Among those who travelled to Albania in the last ten years of the reign of Ali Pasha, at which time one could travel in complete security, there were few who were actually able to observe the country and its inhabitants.

These inhabitants are among the most suspicious, the most mistrustful, the crudest and haughtiest people one can imagine and, in addition, they hate everything that is not Albanian.

Consequently they are not at all sociable or communicative.

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