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Inter-faith marriage is allowed as civil marriages.A Muslim may marry a non-Muslim partner civilly (including marriages that are not permitted under sharia law).Rules of the Nikah are the existence of the bride, groom, two male Muslim witnesses or four female Muslim witnesses (independent of the family), The existence of the Wali, Kadi and Mahar or Mas Kawin in the region.The dowry is not mandatory as it is a gift to the bride's family to cater for the wedding expenses.During the akad, the Kadi will ask the bride of the consent to the marriage and ask for the signature to be on the certificate and carry on with the agreement in the presence of the witnesses.He will require the wali to ask him to marry his daughter(or ward) off on his behalf as by law, he is required to solemnise the marriage.

Non-Muslim groom marriages are allowed only after one year of proper conversion courses.The Kadi will do a handshake saying that "I be wed thee, Of (the groom name) to (the bride name) with the Mahr or Mas kahwin of (the amount) and in the handshake, he must say he agrees to take the bride in wed with the said mahar.After that, the groom will then say aloud the taqlik or defaulting terms of the marriage for which it can be dissolved by the wife complaining to the Syariah court, which are of hurting her (or her properties), not giving her nafkah (means of sustainability) by him or the next of kin for 6 months (thus the amount of the mahar) and leaving her for more than six months and in which the court finds true will decree that the marriage is dissolved by one talak.If the groom has existing living wife, the husband is required to show evidence of the financial means to support the wives, as well as obtain permission all his existing wives before a polygamous marriage is approved.A man is allowed to have a maximum of four living wives at any point in time.

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