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He was unable to participate in the 1958 conclave due to the house arrest to which he had been sentenced.Stepinac died of polycythemia in 1960 while still under confinement in his parish.On 22 July 2016, the Zagreb County Court annulled his post-war conviction due to "gross violations of current and former fundamental principles of substantive and procedural criminal law".After serving as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army on the Italian Front during World War I, Stepinac was ordained in 1930, and in 1931 became liturgical master of ceremonies to the Archbishop of Zagreb.Along with Croatian, he was fluent in Italian, German and French.He celebrated his first mass in his home parish of Krašić on 1 July 1931, but instead of being appointed to a parish he was appointed as liturgical master of ceremonies to the Archbishop of Zagreb Antun Bauer on 1 October.Stepinac was appointed coadjutor bishop to Bauer on at the age of 36 years, having been a priest for only three-and-a-half years, being selected after all other candidates had been rejected.Both Pope Pius XI and King Alexander I of Yugoslavia agreed with his appointment, and although the king wanted to withdraw his assent after he received further information about Stepinac, he was dissuaded by Bauer.

His record during World War II, conviction, and his subsequent martyrdom and beatification remain controversial.Two had died immediately and Radić had succumbed to his wounds two months later, the incident causing widespread outrage among Croats.In January of the following year, King Alexander had prorogued Parliament and had effectively become a royal dictator.After the formation of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs on 1 December 1918, he was no longer treated as an enemy soldier, and he volunteered for the Yugoslav Legion that had been engaged on the Salonika Front.In 1922, Stepinac was part of the politically-conservative Catholic Hrvatski orlovi (Croatian Eagles) youth sport organisation, and traveled to the mass games in Brno, Czechoslovakia.

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