Dns timestamp not updating

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Unless you check the subsequent box “Apply these settings to the existing Active Directory-integrated zones” it will not touch existing zones.

So you now have a resource resource record set to scavenge and a zone set to scavenge.

Let’s pause here for a few moments to consider a few important words: All, Records, Delete, Stuff. Once a timestamp is set on a record it will replicate around to all servers that host the zone. If scavenging is not enabled on the zone that hosts the record then it will never scavenge so the timestamp is essentially irrelevant.

If you actually run this command against a zone it will truly set scavenging and a timestamp on all records in the zone including static records that you never want to be scavenged. The timestamp may get updated on the server where the client dynamically registers but it will not replicate around to the other servers in the zone.

of these must elapse before a record can be deleted.

The No-refresh interval is a period of time during which a resource record cannot be refreshed.

If the client has an existing host record and changes the IP of the host record this is also considered an “Update” and the timestamp is set.

Because deletion is involved there are quite a few safety valves built into scavenging that take a long time to pop. To see the scavenging setting on a record hit View | Advanced in the DNS MMC then bring up properties on a record.DNS Scavenging is a great answer to a problem that has been nagging everyone since RFC 2136 came out way back in 1997.Despite many clever methods of ensuring that clients and DHCP servers that perform dynamic updates clean up after themselves sometimes DNS can get messy. There are two big issues with DNS scavenging that seem to come up a lot: This post should help us figure out when the first issue will happen and completely avoid the second.When you first set scavenging on a zone the timestamp seen at the bottom (reload zone if you don’t see it) will be set to the current time of day rounded down to the nearest hour plus the Refresh interval.This also gets reset any time the zone is loaded or any time dynamic updates get enabled on the zone.

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