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With information that i need a Coronary artery bypass surgery as soon as possible to keep me going for you.

At the moment all i have on me now is 2000 pounds which i have already deposited with the doctor.

Show Images Options Message body Hello sweetheart Im so glad that you wrote me and sent me all this lovely photos i most say you i knew where you took your beauty from...mother you are as beautiful a her and im so happy to have you in my life.....

After all scans and xrays have been carried out on me the doctor had to let me know that i am suffering from a coronary disease.You will help me contact my bank online with my contract draft and document. You go into the relationship together and work through it all together.Let them know you are my wife and you want our money. You will send the doctor and amount of 6000 pounds which is what i need to pay after the surgery is done. I want you to send the doctor and email first tell him you are my wife and he should take good care of me [email protected] the Doctors contact email and 447024054495 is his personal phone number.I wrote to this Smith Johnson - no reply (I don't think he is also a real thing). Obviously, the male on these photoes have no idea what they are being used for. Seems that there were several people there as English was from very poor to rather perfect, voices were also different (one from the death edge, one is active and sexy and very-very distressed by my offences)) The thing is - I enjoyed this game, I told the scammer(s) many times that I don't believe them, wrote them really tough letters and has been rude and hard when chatting - but I'm fed up of this game and he(they) can make a real harm to other more naive ladies from all over the world, that's why I'm here with this info.Hi Maturebrain Welcome to the forum, it was nice to chat to you in the Chat Room and thank you and well done for posting the details of your scammer.

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