Down low dating

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So since "thuggism" has been a rather recent and dominant force in the lifestyle of the black youth, there have been alot more skrong black men going in and coming out of prison. but have developed some rather nasty habits being locked away from society with a bunch of funky ass men for years at a time. Rather, we should blame society for the mental assault that the media is pushing on the black youth and the black male that puts so many black men in the unnatural environment that inevitably causes unnatural tendencies...

its all good I understand what sexdrive can do to a man/woman. Or, are you looking for reactions and searching for troll food?

I actually looked at some gay porn once and it was just total ewwww ick factor for me.

You can't get me drunk enough to think otherwise, I know I've had guys hit on me for sex when drunk off my ass and it's still ewwwwww "no thanks dude, I don't do that"Not a chance.

My ex knew someone who snuck around on his wife got involved with a man and brought home AIDS to her and her unborn child got it. LOLbrawnydog - or everone could just skip the achohol gargle and stop running around on the down low in the the first place.

lol pure genius i know...anyways live and learn so far I've heard the term thrown around when black people were talking about this very subject.

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