Dubai married women dating

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For example , its out of question for me to marry a muslim woman ( since i have christian lebanese background) and i also wouldnt allow my daughter (if i have any ) to marry a muslim no matter what i have to do , she can marry any guy she wants , a jew , a buddhist , atheist anyone she choose but NO Muslim because i know how much she will suffer and what shity religion it is .i dont want to see my grandchildren putting a carpet and praying 5 times a day and worshiping a psycho and pedophile man called Mohamad the prophet and of course memorizing the book of Terrorism ( Qoran) .Some of those even live with their families in Dubai but cheat on their wives on the first occasion.- Women who run after arab guys usually are Moroccan women , East Euopean (Russian , Ukrainian , Moldova , Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan ) and philippinne girls because they consider Arab men are more generous than Western men , many of those women are married in secret with Arabs ( Who r already married .welcome to Islam you know ) they come to Dubai with low wage so they need a sponsor , and Arabs are the best sponsors ( of course those women will be having other bf in parallel ) .Pre-requisites for Anglican Marriage: After the ceremony has taken place in either the Anglican or Roman Catholic church, in order to ensure that the marriage is recognised in Dubai, the couple must take a signed copy of the entry in the Church Marriage register for accreditation to: i.The Dubai Courts, near Maktoum Bridge and Rashid Hospital ii. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Muslim Marriage: A marriage between two Muslims can be conducted in the Sharia'a Court in Dubai, as can a marriage between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman.- Philippine girls target also western men , and many British and American guys divorced their pretty wives to go with a philipiine girl ( who also wants to move to Europe or the West ) , and usually they are submissive so many Western Men love this style ( Yes Sir ) .see a loooot of incompatible couples in Dubai - Indian men .

I lived there , and I wasnt angel at all , i admit i had a wildlife too going from one women to another but luckily i didnt hurt any woman's feeling or broke any woman's heart.

i mentioned that to say that the role of the mother is very important in raising children , if the wife is too liberal and opened to everything than the daughter/son will be more or less similar , and for me too much liberalism is very close to naivety in many aspects ..therefore an NQ ( naivety quotient ) test is needed before marriage !

:) Goodnight my sweet friends, i will have a small glass of cognac before sleeping because its freezing in Canada at the moment .

- Western women in Dubai , well they dont have a great reputation too , at least many of them , i would say from my experience North American women are usually the most conservative compared to the European .

British play big shot and hard to get when they are sober , but once drank then no limits ...

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