Dynamic distribution group not updating

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To save resources, the shared document library is not provisioned until the first time that a member attempts to use the “Files” functionality for the group.

All of the resources available to a group are accessed via the single group identity.

Clicking the “subscribed” button allows me to “unsubscribe” from the group.

In this case, I’d still be a member of the group but would have to access the group to see what conversations had occurred.

At Ignite, Microsoft said that they are working on a dynamic form of Office 365 Groups but has not given a date when this functionality might be available.

Because each group has a mailbox, it has an email address and can fully participate in email interactions.

The editor provided is intended for brief contributions to reflect the cut-and-thrust of active conversations.

If they want, users can subscribe to a group and interact with the group completely via email.Users can be group owners, in which case they administer group membership, or plain members.The membership of an Office 365 group is composed solely of mailboxes and doesn’t accommodate the mail contacts, mail users, and mail-enabled public folders that are often found in Exchange distribution groups.Unlike email conversations, where the latest contribution appears on the top, the latest contribution is at the bottom of a group conversation.The new view, which depends on some Word components to format and display information, incorporates the ability for a user to “like” a contribution.

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