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She also said that this actually gapped to her personally with her son and only about two weeks later was when she saw a visible sign of a heartbeat and fatal pole don't loose hope Hun your fine its too early and I'm in the same boat so I know how you feel ..

My dr was very positive and she did reassure me that she had this happen to many of her other patients ...

She said she thought she saw something but wasn't sure. She think maybe I am not as far along as we thought. First of all, a tech will always do a better job than the OBGYN...yes, they are doctors, but this is not their area of expertise. You need a transvaginal ultrasound performed by a competent tech. I went in yesterday at exactly 7 weeks and there was our little jelly bean! You little dude is in there, it just takes a little while for them to makes their appearance sometimes :)i really wouldnt worry about it my first ultra sound was when i was around 6 weeks and they didnt see my baby either. I was extremely nervous and scared because I had, had an ectopic pregnancy like 10 years ago.

Okay, at the doctors today, we calculated my due date. At the time (according to my last period) I was only 6 weeks along.

But because the last period that I had before I missed was irregular they decided to do an ultrasound. My OB had her ultrasound tech specialist do the ultrasound and the only thing they could see was a gestational sac. At frist I panicked, but was reassured by my doc (an ultrasound tech) that my dates could be off, or it could be too early. That was just last week and I am happy to report that we saw a baby with a heartbeating away and they estimated the crown to rump measurements to 9 1/2 weeks. PS-Lacy is correct about the Tech's doing a better job than the doc's---my OB admitted this to me. I went in at 6 weeks, they did a transvaginal ultrasound and there was a gestational sac but nothing in it. :-)I agree with Lacy Also, when I first saw my ob gyn I expressed to her my concerns.

The baby usually measures 10 – 20 mm and a heartbeat can be seen clearly Baby now measures 20 – 30 mm and again a heartbeat is clearly visible.

Chances of pregnancy continuing 98% Baby now measures 35 – 40mm and if the heartbeat is present and the baby measures appropriately for your dates, the chances of the pregnancy continuing is 99.4%.

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