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Blackouts, which reach their peak during the summer months, were a key mobilization point against President Morsi in 2013, and could be of political significance in the summer of 2014.

The Egyptian mobile phone market is divided between three companies.

The Muslim Brotherhood maintains an online presence, although the arrest and imprisonment of most of its leaders means that it is primarily managed by those abroad.

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Even when they are, the phone infrastructure, based on antiquated underground copper lines, frequently does not allow for speeds above 1 Mbps.

On July 3, 2013, he was detained by the military and replaced by the head of the Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour.

A government was then formed out of a loose coalition of anti-Brotherhood and civilian figures.

The ensuing crisis led to deep fissures within Egyptian society.

The stalemate between supporters of the military takeover and the ousted president was broken when security forces violently stormed two large sit-ins of Morsi supporters at dawn on August 14, 2013, leaving more than 800 dead.[1] After the issuing of a transitional roadmap, the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and the passage of a new constitution, el-Sisi resigned from his post as minister of defense and declared his candidacy for new presidential elections.

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