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The word “Decriminalization” has become a mantra chanted by sex workers around the globe. State Department, in its 2015 “Universal Periodic Review Of Human Rights“, affirmed United Nations recommendation #86, stating: “We agree that no one should face violence or discrimination in access to public services based on sexual orientation or their status as a person in prostitution”.

Tears of joy were shed when a council of Amnesty International recently announced its support of the decriminalization of prostitution, just as the United Nations and the World Health Organization had already done. But these declarations are as of yet merely suggestions, and have not translated into harm reduction for sex worker communities throughout the globe.

If people would start looking into the kindness of people's spirits instead and starting to get to know their souls, maybe we wouldn't have to go a computer to try to hide who we are to meet someone we think we're going to meet. I mean there's a whole audience of people out there who potentially have chemistry to meet some other person just eyeball to eyeball.

To ensure that our needs are met we ourselves must transform our rallying cry into a reality, bringing about the emancipation and protections which our vast community so desperately needs.

In America, this action must be accomplished through the courts; it isn’t an easy path and requires much diligence and of course a great deal of money.

author Elle Stanger is a feminist writer, podcast host, mother, non-monogamous ex-wife, and slut, who entertains the masses in Portland, OR.

She prefers organic food, dark beer, and self-actualized individuals.

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