Elvis presley dating he died

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Ulysses Jones told a reporter later that day that he saw “as many as a dozen people huddled over the body of a man clothed in pajamas—a yellow top and blue bottoms.” At first sight Jones didn’t recognize Elvis. “Around his neck, which seemed fat and bloated, was a very large gold medallion.The man was stretched out on his back on the thick red rug with his pajama top open and his bottoms pulled down below his knees. His sideburns were gray.” A young man was pressing Elvis’s chest rhythmically, while a middle-aged woman gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.Crosby accelerated up the curving drive toward the mansion.He braked hard in front of the two-story, white-columned portico.Climbing down from the ambulance, Crosby and Jones were met by one of Elvis’s bodyguards.“He’s upstairs,” the man exclaimed, “and I think it’s an OD.” Grabbing their equipment, the two medics rushed into the house and up the stairs.One of the medics asked for the container that held the drugs taken by the victim. Jones and Crosby quickly concluded that emergency treatment in a hospital offered the only hope. The drugs included uppers, downers, and powerful painkillers such as Dilaudid, Quaalude, Percodan, Demerol, and cocaine hydrochloride in quantities more appropriate for those terminally ill with cancer. The bodyguard said that he saw Elvis take the pills.

“Go to the front gate and go to the front of the mansion,” the voice directed. 6 swung out of the station onto Elvis Presley Boulevard and headed south, siren wailing, advertising a speed that the ponderous machine had not yet achieved.They had been there often, to take care of fans fainting at the front gate and pedestrians injured by passing automobiles. He was thirty-eight, stoutly built, dark-haired, and heavily mustached.Two years before, one of the medics, Charles Crosby, had come to assist Elvis’s father, Vernon Presley, after he suffered a heart attack. His partner, Ulysses Jones, twenty-six, sat in the passenger seat.“Elvis was cold,” he said, “unusually cold.” People in the room began frantically asking the medics what should be done. I’ll meet you there.” As they were about to leave, a Mercedes-Benz raced up the driveway and lurched to a stop. “Nick” Nichopoulos Four years later it would be established in court that during the seven and a half months preceding Elvis’s death, from January 1, 1977, to August 16, 1977, Dr. He responded to a telephone call from Elvis by prescribing six doses of Dilaudid, an opiate that was Elvis’s favorite drug.Suddenly, as if in response, one young man blurted out helpfully, “We think he OD’d.” It was the second time the medics had heard that opinion. No one dissented, but Jones thought the statement caused “a kind of funny stir in the room.” Elvis’s employees were rigorously trained never to mention Elvis and drugs in the same breath. If they ever had to say anything at all, they were to say that he was on “medication” prescribed by his physicians. A stocky middle-aged man with a thatch of white hair dashed from the car and leaped into the back of the ambulance just as the doors closed. Nichopoulos had written prescriptions for him for at least 8,805 pills, tablets, vials, and injectables. The numbers defied belief, but they came from an experienced team of investigators who visited 153 pharmacies and spent 1,090 hours going through 6,570,175 prescriptions and then, with the aid of two secretaries, spent another 1,120 hours organizing the evidence. One of Elvis’s bodyguards, Billy Stanley, drove over to Baptist Memorial Hospital, picked up the pills at the all-night pharmacy, and brought them to Graceland.

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