Error occurred while updating program modules

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You also might want the VI to retry for a certain period of time.

In Lab VIEW, you can make these error handling decisions on the block diagram of the VI.

No matter how confident you are in the VI you create, you cannot predict every problem a user can encounter.

Without a mechanism to check for errors, you know only that the VI does not work properly.

To disable automatic error handling for the current VI, select File»VI Properties and select Execution from the Category pull-down menu.

If you did not enter your License details during installation, you can enter your license key by clicking – This error will appear after several unsuccessful attempts to update the virus signature database. The most common reason for this error is incorrectly entered authentication data or incorrectly configured connection settings.

The previous notification is related to the following two – A possible cause of the error is incorrect Internet connection settings.

If you are unable to troubleshoot a problem after referring to the solutions provided in the table below, contact your support provider.

Uninstall any Nik Software plug-ins you have installed, including Photoshop plug-ins, and then restart Lightroom.

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