Every day is so winderful

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Totally smitten, but not going to let it get in the way of enjoying uni life and neither is he.I'm having SUCH a good time with my girls and it's nice to finally be able to trust someone again and be utterly 100% happy.Then we went for Nando's, went back to his and watched a will ferrell film (we both love anchorman!) so yeah had a really good time, he's such a nice guy, really good looking and we got along really well.I hope you're all well and enjoying university and whatever you're doing! Just thought I better post something on here before i go on my holidays!

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we're even already planning a holiday together and he's taking me to see Chicago soon AND hopefully The Cribs in December!cos of his holiday) but that was just gonna be it, and he thought i wanted the same. I found him on my stalkers list (it shows you who's looked at your profile). i wasn't enough for him, he still had to look elsewhere for a bit of a booty call. Which shocked me a bit, cos he's not contacted me at all, (neither have i..still) and he just hasnt seemed bothered. I'm just moving on with my life and having an amazing time with my friends. Make the most of it :) I'm going to copy Lucy and do a things to do over summer list-yay! I'm going out tonight with a load of people, most of I've only known for a short while... I can't wait to see my uni friends, but I'm actually loving being home.So yeah its a bit shit, i was a bit gutted, but now i'm just like 'we had fun, we might meet up again, lets just see what happens'. It's probably for the best though, he has a psycho ex girlfriend who i think would probably try and kill me if she knew he was seeing me. Men are just ridiculous, do they ever know what they want?! I hope you all have a good week or so, and if you're going on holiday then have a great time! So yeah, I didn't say I loved him back, mainly because I don't think I actually do. Just been away for the weekend with Nat, Lauren and Claire to birmingham, and it's actually just been the best weekend ever!! 1) Pass these flaming exams and work on my shorthand.2) Visit all my uni girls in Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Grimsby and make sure they come stay in Leeds with Becky and I.3) Work loads and try to save £50 a week to go towards my second year at uni.4) Go to Glasgow on a road trip and stay in Lauren's new flat for next year.5) Go away for a weekend with Daniel if he can get the time off work.6) Try not to let my brothers/parents get to me when times get tough at home.7) Have a BBQ.8) Meet up with the school crew both before and after Libby gets back from New Zealand.9) Talk to Mally more.10) Go out for my birthday.11) Go to Alton Towers/Flaminge.12) HAVE FUN : D It's so bad, but I really can't be bothered with some people anymore. But they appreciate me and make me feel wanted and I like that feeling :) I'm really looking forward to it. Obviously leaving Daniel will be hard, and my family too.But then we went out for his birthday, had a few drinks and then he ended up asking me to be his girlfriend so i was like KK!Its happened really fast and everything, and some people might not understand how quickly you can fall in love but HELLO IM DOING IT NOW AND ITS CRAZY BUT I LOVE IT. Like, i hate comparing relationships but it's different this time, i feel like our feelings for each other are equal and just so intense!

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