Example of a good online dating profile for women

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For example: Summer is not summer without the smell of cut grass.

I like the scent of fresh cut lawn so much that once, when I was seven, I grabbed a handful and threw it into the cake batter my mom was mixing and stirred it in.

I know you think your amazingly cute selfies are going to do all the work for you, but guess what, there are about six billion cute selfies clogging up every dating site in existence. If you want to attract guys with personalities and engage their hearts and minds, you have to demonstrate that you posses such things yourself. Since the beginning of human history, people have used narrative to establish unique individual identities. I like adventure and travel and learning new things. Message me if you can say something interesting, don’t just say Hi or hit on me.” Look, there are certain things that make us human.

If the only bait you’re gonna give a guy is your looks, the only responses you’ll get will be things like, “Hi, you’re hot. None of you want to think you’re the typical, average woman. I’m about to tell you how to make your dating profile significantly less boring by using a couple of very basic writing tricks to tell your story.“What to say… A love for your family and friends, a need to eat, a desire to laugh, a taste for adventure and music are pretty much universal.

And no, if you tack a “Sorry it’s a cliche, but it’s true,” onto the end, it doesn’t make you less of a cliche.

You may as well have Xeroxed a few paragraphs from the Material Data Safety Sheets and pasted those into your online dating profile.

I perused about a hundred female dating profiles each day for a month.

alike, and they’re about as intriguing as the month-old chunk of ground beef growing mold behind my stove.

I’ve been addicted to coffee ever since because it gives me super intense flashbacks. Don’t just write “I like books.” Pick at least one author without whose words you would actually consider becoming a serial killer, and tell everyone why you like them so much.

For example: My entire existence dissolved in an agonizing mix of chills and tears the first time I read this: “We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave…

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