F prot not updating

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TIAYUMI-– August 27, 2011 - should be able to handle UBCD 5.1.1.

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So, when and then the 2 files and the "\pmodules\" folder were "at the same relative level in the tree".

These people would never be able to trace the code since you would not know the original vin # or Mopar would not know the current legal install vin #. So you only have to enter a code 1 time for any radio which is mated to your Jeep.

I am guessing this would be a nightmare and the radio codes could be traced via the serial and P/N alone.

I am thinking about the current 2 separate "\boot\" folders, the several cgf files, and all the scripts (ubcd2usb, ubcd2iso, antivirus updates and so on).

There might be also other considerations which I don't currently remeber.(ignoring other files and folders, focusing on "pmodules" alone)Like I said, the location of pmodules is the only important one, since PM looks for it on the CD after the kernel is loaded."boot/" have been relocated to ubcd.iso/pmagic for obvious reason (to avoid conflict with ubcd.iso/boot).bzimage and initramfs _can_ be relocated to "ubcd.iso/pmagic" instead of "ubcd.iso/pmagic/pmagic", but as cannot be stressed enough, their absolute locations are not important, only "pmodules".), pmodules (and the pmagic-n.file) has a valid alternative location, or PM wouldn't boot at all with that file in the alternative location he used.

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