Facebook dating app spam setting boundaries in a christian dating relationship

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My intention is to inform you a little bit about privacy settings and how you can control who you interact with on Facebook.Just like everyday life we should be choosing who we interact with and share our thoughts and feelings with.You can opt to hide from everybody or to hide from certain people.If you want to be available to chat with your family for instance, but nobody else, you can select to be visible only to those people on your family list.The answer is in the new settings features available to all Facebook users.Are you familiar with that handy little menu up at the right hand corner of the screen when you are on a friends profile page?The menu has buttons that say friends, subscribed and message.

So, the question is then, what can we do to get the information we need without having to look through dozens of news feeds that are completely irrelevant to our lives?You have the option of selecting the types of information you would like to view about that friend.You can also unsubscribe to this friend or you can unsubscribe to this friend’s status updates only.If you really do not want to see what your ex-mother-in-law is up to though, and you do not want her to know about that special new love of your life, go ahead and unfriend away.Just remember, if this ex-mother-in-law wants to chat about her beautiful grandchild, you might have some explaining to do.

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