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🔸Option to choose between "i Messages" and "regular messages" 🔹Ability to receive your fake texts after leaving the app 🔸Unbelievably faster 🔹Fixed bug that would crash the app on launch for some users 🔸The "email us" button now lets you contact us without leaving the app 🔹Support for the i Phone 5's and new i Pod touch's larger screen 🔸New frequently asked questions page 🔹Less intrusive advertisements (we got rid of some of the ads) 🔸Updated graphics 🔹No more character limit for texts We hope you enjoy! However, the texting screen is not like the universal i Message texting screen.

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However, pretty much every app has its drawbacks, and there are much worse ones out there, so until I find a PERFECT app, I'll just keep using this. It's fun and amazing, yet, it can be easily known that it's fake. Well first of all, it's great, BUT (don't mean to be rude with capitals it just that there ain't any italics) it's really outdated and can easily be found out that's it's a fake texting app! I love it because you can actually receive the text then slide to open it like a real message BUT the message is the wrong i OS update and when the notification appears on the home screen, it says 'new message' then it says 'so and so sent you a message' where it should say the message. Enter your age and zip code of USA or you can Get zip codes and other details click here 4. The second method is a little difficult from Pinger but do not worry I will explain step by step. Sign Up on callcentric.com/login Under the New customers please sign up here 2.At the end of the first line there will be your local US phone number but you need to register this number. At “SIP Setup” option, select “Yes, I already have a SIP account” and enter all your detail as you fill in Step "5" and log in. After your successful login your US local phone number will be registered automatically.If you're still not convinced about how we can help, you should check out these BBC News reports: Calls for God upset phone-owner and Man 'shares God's phone number'.Please note that the use of any fake telephone numbers generated by Fake Number does not imply that the resulting mobile number has been allocated.

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