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You get a job, learn new skills and try to make relationships work.

After living under a parent’s protective shelter for almost two decades, most people can't wait to move on.

Occasionally the problem is with the family itself.

For instance, in a divorce case, a father may overly encourage dependency because of his depression.

It's a developmental moment as basic as a first-grader getting on the bus.

There’s some fear; but the thrill of independence trumps everything.

So, he smokes weed to cut down on anxiety; plays video games to fill up his time and “connects” on Facebook for endless hours, while living in the room that he grew up in To be fair, not everyone who comes home after college is an Avoider. So, healthy young adults come home in order to find internships, jobs or opportunities and look to launch out again at the first opportunity.With the labor market so competitive, luck and nepotism play much bigger roles in becoming successful.Because luck and nepotism, are external, unstable and uncontrollable factors toward an outcome, the motivation to work hard may decrease for young adults nowadays.Avoidant people suffering from mental health problems simply become more avoidant. Goodbye to Drugs & Booze This is easier said than done. Most Avoiders that I’ve worked with claim the party line that weed helps with creativity and is medically legal in many states. A small job may open the door to something much better. The Rat Race: I am not interesting in you (or anyone else) participating in our collective rat race. The key, however is to sense your own dignity and have the capability to establish your life as you want it - not as a default position, but as an embraced statement about who you are and want to be. MB Aaron, as you've pointed out, you're quite capable.Truth be told, marijuana can be a powerful way to avoid feeling the anxiety required to mobilize oneself. Focus on a healthy daily routine: getting out the house, living a scheduled life and exercising are moves in the right direction. I just hope that you don't abdicate any dreams to depression, poor economics, an avoidant style or smoking weed everyday. You don't "hate" feeling like a burden or you wouldn't be.

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