Famme sicse avec le cheval

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Denying the illusion of Renaissance perspective the artist breaks down the figures and background into facets and planes, presenting multiple aspects of the subject all at once.This can be seen in the deliberate positioning of light, shadow, form and color, in the way in which Metzinger assimilates the union of the background, woman and horse.For example, the division of the model's features generates a subtle profile view, the vase is shown both from above and the side.The resulting free and mobile perspective, 'simultaneity' of multiple view-points, was used by Metzinger to constitute the image of a whole—one that includes the fourth dimension—what he called 'total image'.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.

Through its fussy geometry we can discern a nude woman, her limbs and upper torso picked out in sensuous chiaroscuro, perched side-saddle on a studio prop-horse and stroking its mane (visible top right)..." and as emerges upon close examination, the nude woman is seated on what appears to be a rectangular block or cube, perhaps a model's pedestal (visible to the left).

According to the founders of Cubist theory, objects possess no absolute or essential form.

"There are as many images of an object as there are eyes which look at it; there are as many essential images of it as there are minds which comprehend it." The nude figure sitting to the left, the horse standing to the right, along with other elements of the painting are depicted in a faceted manner, based to some extent on non-Euclidean geometry.

50.- pour une jument possédant un certificat d’origine CHEVAL SUISSE.

Grâce à un généreux donateur, ces frais sont offerts pour toute nouvelle jument suitée ou portante inscrite à CHEVAL SUISSE en 2017 Plus d'infos Campari VII, vainqueur 2015 des 6 ans, monté par Adrian Schmid Comme chaque année, octobre rime avec Youngster Challenge au sein de la fédération CHEVAL SUISSE. Les appréciations des juments et poulains 2016 se sont déroulées dans de bonnes conditions et la qualité était au rendez-vous.

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