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Here are five single-girl bonuses that may make even smug marrieds sit up and take notice.

You’re keeping it high and tight You may not get to wear the big white dress on that special day, but unlike many loved-up brides, you’ll probably still be able to fit into your bridesmaid’s dress in a few year’s time.

“In a study that followed lifelong single people and continuously married people over a five-year period, the single people experienced more personal growth than the married people did.” You’re happier on your own Not every singleton is desperate to settle down. De Paulo calls this group “single at heart” and defines them as “those for whom living single is how they live their best, most authentic and most meaningful lives.” These singles may experience less stress because they don’t deal with the day-to-day conflicts surrounding money and domestic duties that are inherent to a relationship.

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Cyber Bliss is your holiday shopping list’s best friend! In fact, you’re emerging as something of a boss, outnumbering your married peers in Canada and the U. You’re no longer the Bridget Jones-inspired I’m-going-to-die-miserable-and-alone minority.A 2015 study found that being single enhances social relationships and that single people make for more supportive and involved friends, family members and neighbours than married people whose social circles tend to contract after they say “I do.” “When people get married, they become more insular,” says De Paulo.You’re all about the journey, not the destination Singles answer to no one, and that autonomy is good for self-development.

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