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If the entire amp has been gone over thoroughly, then the transformers need to be checked by testing or substituion, whichever way is easiest and cost effective.I'm guessing the problem is more mundane, like caps, resistors, wiring, solder joints, or pots.The factory realized its mistake in February because these amps have a "PB" date code in black ink.Now, we obviously haven't looked at every amp made in January 1966 so this isn't set in stone.His particular area of expertise is in Fender amps made from about 1960 through 1967.Devin runs Doc's Music in Springfield, Missouri and his interest lies in the woodie and tweed Fender amps made from 1946 through 1960.

Fender must have had a million of these labels printed up since they appear on Champs and Vibro Champs well into 1966.I turned to the Internet to do some more networking which resulted in a major turn of events as I met two individuals who have become instrumental partners in this project: Greg Huntington and Devin Riebe.Greg is a long time Fender collector who is very knowledgeable not only in the details, but in the circuitry as well.It's very curious to me that the arcing couldn't be isolated by the use of a scope or even the old transistor radio method.I've seen similar problems in '60s amps, where you could just touch them and cause an arc, yours isn't affected by any movements, right?

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