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:')Thanks so much, really glad you've enjoyed the demo.I still have a lot of other features planned for the game so I hope you look forward to it!

Q: I tried to load my saved game and now my number of items is listed as being 999 and I see Na N everywhere! Basically the game refreshed itself and you lost the save file you had because the game overwrote it.I work on the game when I have free time and will let you guys know when it's done What You can/can't do: Mouse-Give gifts and talk (dialog tree 100%).Date 1- Done Extended Date1 - Done Date 2- Done Extended Date2 - Done Fiend Hunts- Done Room- Done Mini Date-Done Hanging Out-Done Festival- All endings complete Okami-Unlock his character and view his intro Give gifts and talk(dialog tree 100%)Date 1- Complete Extended Date1 - Done Date 2- 60% done. Fiend Hunts- Not Started Room- Not Started Mini Date- Not Started Hanging Out- Not Started Festival- Not started Lucky- Unlock his character and view his intro, give gifts and talk (dialog tree 100%).If you really want to know where something is read through the previous comments below.Most of these questions have been answered already.

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