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Continuing with my research for genuine Filipina pen pal and sweetheart sites that are worth your dollar, let me share an exciting niche find, are natives of Cebu province in the central Philippines, much like Latino ladies would prefer you call them “Mexicanas” or a beauty from Madrid is “Madrileña” or “Castillana” to you.

That’s right, Latin and Filipina ladies have a Spanish heritage in common.

In part, that’s because the central islands are none too densely populated.

But then again, isn’t this just perfect for folks who are not convinced they have what it takes to stand out in a crowd?

Many half-breeds dominate, to this day, the great sugar plantations in nearby islands.

Since these patriarchs like to keep their daughters on a tight leash, the aristocratic young Filipinas go to college in Cebu City itself rather than to the teeming metropolis that is far Manila.

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You would fly over and sample a night life every bit as vibrant as Manila’s, just without the old politicos or military types elbowing you out.

The pickings at Cebuanas is not large, a mere 320,000 members since the site went up three years ago.

I have a Philippine girlfriend that's already married in the Philippines (Philippines don't recognize divorce).

A fiancee will likely be denied in the Philippines (due to current marriage). If she enters the US (With no intention of marriage - of course!

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