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Reinfeldt was elected party leader on 25 October 2003, succeeding Bo Lundgren.Under his leadership, the Moderate Party has transformed its policies and oriented itself towards the centre, branding itself "the New Moderates" (Swedish: ).His premiership was characterised by "Arbetslinjen" (English: Working line), a focus on getting more people into the workforce, and by management of the late-2000s financial crisis and recession which resulted in one of the world's strongest public finances and top rankings in climate and health care.He is the longest-serving non-Social Democratic Prime Minister since Erik Gustaf Boström's first spell in office between 18.A recurrent message in the book is that "Swedes are mentally handicapped and indoctrinated to believe that politicians can create and ensure welfare".

In 1993 he wrote the book "Det sovande folket" (The Sleeping Nation), in which he criticized the Swedish welfare state and argued for the introduction of a neoliberalist society.His popularity fell until the economy of Sweden emerged as one of the strongest in Europe; this brought a resurgence of support for him, resulting in his government's re-election in 2010.Despite the Moderate Party getting its highest share of the vote since the introduction of universal suffrage in 1921, Reinfeldt's government was reduced to a minority government, owing to the rise of Sweden Democrats; but he remained in power as the first centre-right Prime Minister since the Swedish-Norwegian Union to be re-elected.; born 4 August 1965) is a Swedish economist, lecturer and former politician who was Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014 and was also the chairman of the liberal conservative Moderate Party from 2003 to 2015.He was the last rotating President of the European Council in 2009.

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